Contractor Details Annexure-A


Particular of Contractor:

S No Particulars/Details Description
1 Name /Address of website
2 Name of the establishment Ironman Security services Pvt. Ltd
3 Address of the establishment (Registered office) L-78, Ist Floor,Lajpat Nagar-II, New
4 Address of the establishment/Branch Office
where contract workers are to be engaged
Dhramshila Hospital and Research
Centre, Dharmshila Marg,
Vasundhara Enclave, Delhi-96
5 Nature of work for which contract workmen are
to be employed
Providing Security Services
6 Name of the
proprietor/partner/director/managing director
Mr. Harender Chaudhary- Director
7 Date of starting of business 28 March 2003
8 Date of initial agreement with the principal
employer (working since with PE)
01 Aprl-2014 to 31 March 2015
9 Mobile No. of PE/Contractor Mr Deepak
Mr Himanshu Kukreti(Contractor)-
10 E-mail ID of PE/Contractor PE Mail ID –
Contractor Mail ID –
11 Website address of Contractor’s establishment
12 Registration Certificate No. of PE/Contractor
Labour Licence No. and valid up to
13 Registration No. under the Registration
14 Registration No. under Partnership Act,1932 N/A
15 Registration No. under the Companies Act,1956 Incorporation No
16 Registration No. under the Delhi Shops and
Establishment Act,1954
17 Registration No. under the Factories Act (PE) N/A
18 Registration No. Employee ESI Act,1948 20000606880001018
19 Registration No. EPF & Misc. provisions act,1952 DL/27296
20 Service Tax Registration No. DLI/ST/SS/692/IRONMAN/2003
21 Sale Tax Registration No. N/A
22 PAN Card No. AABCI1284L