Procedure of Recruitment & Training of Security Personnel

It will be ensured that no locals belonging to close by area are recruited to perform the duties in the premises. This is to avoid familiarity with lower staff.


Following Criteria is being kept for the Selection of Guards
– Age: Above 18 years and below 55 years.
– Height: 160 cm for male and 150 cm for females.
– Weight: according to stand table of height and weight.
– Chest: measurements 80 cm with an expansion of 4 cm (for females no minimum requirement).
– Eye sight: distant vision 6/6, near vision 0.6/0.6 with or without correction, free from color blindness.
– Hearing: free from defect.
– Free from knock knee and flat foot.
– Shall not be suffering from any physical handicap or deformity.
– No conviction by any court
– No Dismissal or Suspension on grounds of misconduct or Moral Turpitude
– Citizen of India.


Verification of Security Personnel
Although Police Verification is carried out of the security personnel being recruited, our verification team also verifies the same, after visiting their residence.

Please write to IRONMAN HR for Jobs and requirements.